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Soothing & Hydrating Facial Mist – 100ml


A skin hydrating formula to make your skin more fresh & soothed. This is a makeup friendly moisturizing toner and gentle cleanser. It is beneficial for aging symptoms like wrinkles & dark circles. Also available in Rose. Can be used as a moisturizer to hydrate, before makeup as a primer, after makeup to set it, and anytime throughout the day to refresh skin. No need to rinse. Suitable for sensitive skin.
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Key Ingredients

Rich Roses: Aqua, Rose Petal Extract (Rosa Centifolia), Geranium Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Pro Vitamin-B5 (Panthenol).

Aloe Vera: Aqua, 100% Pure Aloe Vera Water, Geranium Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Pro Vitamin-B5 (Panthenol).


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